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1 x Spinblade and 2 x Spinzipz in GEF


1 x Spinblade and 2x Spinzipz

Hold Spinzipz between your index finger and thumb and flick the light to start the spin. Spinzipz is the hottest new gadget to help scratch your "Fidget itch!" 

Package Includes:1 x Spinblade and 2 x Spinzipz


1.Our Spinner toy is made from high-grade materials, Ultra Bright Motion Sensor Double LED lights and Ceramic Bearings make these stand out from the other

2.Our spinner is excellent calming devices for general users. This spinner is designed to be used by hand or on a table top. It can be used anywhere to eliminate fidgeting. It is designed for everyday use. 

3.Spinzipz are combinable - Unique pin system allows Spinzipz to be linked together!