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Blast Off Zoom Rocketz


Blast off Zoom Rocketz

Ready, aim, stomp! Send soft rockets zooming more than 150 feet into the air just by stomping on the launch pad. Features a variable arc system so kids can shoot rockets straight up in the air or blast them forward at a 45-degree angle. Includes an easy-to-assemble stand, a launch pad with air hose, and three soft-foam-tipped rockets.

  • Slam the launch pad using your foot!, the harder you " Zoom" the higher it goes!
  • Flexible launch settings, galaxy blast, arc launch, long shot
  • Special rockets with foam nose-cone which ultra-light & impact tough, reflective foil for E-Z flight tracking and roto-fins for max altitude and spin!
  • Set inclurdes : 3 zoom rocketz , 1 zoom pad , 1 airfuel flexhose, 1 launch tube system
  • Get ready for take off with air-powered rockets that hit heights up to 200 feet! Set the launch angle for high arcing flights, and then slam your foot down to launch. The harder you Zoom, the higher it goes!