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Hemp Disposable Face Mask 50 Unit Pack

by Zemp

Get this 50 pack of our 3-layer hemp disposable masks. 500 Pieces in total.  

  • 3-Layer Protection -  Built with an advanced 3-layer filter for maximum protection 
  • Inner Layer: Made from a hemp non-woven fabric material to prevent skin from allergens and eliminates odors from breathing
  • Middle Layer: The melt-sprayed non-woven fabric layer is effectively filters non-oil-based particles
  • Outer Layer: Made from polypropylene spun-bonded non-woven fabric which effectively blocks visible objects such as droplets
  • Breathable & Comfortable: Adjustable metal nose strip designed to provide a perfectly individualized and comfortable fit
  • Waterproof

    Masks are disposable and should be thrown out after single-use. Masks ship from US for speedy delivery.