Game Box 4 Pack - Wet Head, Stikem Slap Stick Challenge, Blast Box, Shock Box

by GreenTree.Store

Combining 4 Zing Classics! Zing Game Box includes -

-Wet Head

Are you ready for a splash of fun? Fill the wet head with water, strap on, give it a spin and pull a pin, will you be the next wet head? This game is full of excitement and suspense because someone is bound to get wet! You can play with the spinner, ask each other trivia questions, or design your own wet head challenge game!

-Stikem Slap Stick Challenge

Hear the sound and slam the matching card! Wait and listen for one of the unique sounds coming from the APP and SLAM the card that matches the sound! Try to slap and collect the most cards before the game ends.

-Blast Box

Blast box is the exciting game with a bang for 2 - 4 more players, go to #blastboxchallenge. One set includes : 1 blast box , 1 hammer, 1 balloon inflator , 30 pins , 1 spinner, 100 balloons, 20 easy tie clips

-Shock Box

The Reaction Challenge game!

With 4 games modes: Intense, Extreme, Memory and Rapid Fire