Hydro Force Piranha

by Zing H2O
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  • Cool down on a hot summer day with the new water weapon HydroForce! If you and your children like active outdoor sports, you will surely like the novelty of 2016 - HydroForce water weapon Piranha.
  • This powerful weapon has a water tank with a volume of 220 ml, fires a jet of water over a distance of more than 8 meters.
  • With such weapons you are not afraid of any enemy! The weapon is easily recharged, it shoots water in two modes - a jet, or by spraying, pumping water from the tank is carried out on the principle of a pump.
  • The weapon is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle, fully sealed, made of light durable plastic. The design is made in bright green color.
  • Batteries are not required. Recommended for children from 5 years and older.