Josh Kerr "Darkside" Carbon base 4.0 (Sml) Thruster (Futures compatible)

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Josh Kerr Darkside Carbon based 4.0 BigMouth

The 4.0 with Carbon base is the a super high performance for Groms and anyone needing a smaller template without loosing drive. The Carbon base adds strength and stiffness to lower end of the fins while allowing the upper 3rd of the fin to flex. This is high performance flex pattern will harness all the power you can load into these fins. This allows the fins to be ridden in more powerful waves and is great for bigger surfers wanting some fun in smaller waves. The smaller template is also great for the girls wanting some extra speed and release. Artist Hans Bruechle designed graphics with 3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level.

Carbon Fiber base/Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction.ξ(Futures base compatible)

Surfer Size: 40-60kg ( 121-165 lb) or if you want loose and fast fun.

Fin Height: 4.42" (112.27mm)

Base: 4.29"(108.97mm)

Rake: 32.4 degrees

Best Board: High Performance short board