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Josh Kerr Darkside Carbon base 6.0 (Med) Thruster (Futures compatible)

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ξJosh Kerr Darkside Carbon based 6.0 Lionhead Thruster.

This is one of the most popular templates ever made and for the first time has

a carbon base. This design combined with Dimples makes this a must have fin. The template has less rake, wide-base, giving maximum drive, amazing response and a ridiculous amount of speed. Hard powerful bottoms to vertical launches are made easy when you ride this fin. Give this a go in beachies with grunt or some slabs an thing that requires sharp power full turns. The Carbon base adds strength and stiffness to lower end of the fins while allowing the upper 3rd of the fin to flex. This is high performance flex pattern that anyone can get the benefits from. Artist Hans Bruechle designed graphics with 3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level.

Carbon Fiber base/Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction (Futures base compatible).

Side fins: Height: 4.56"(116.00mm)

Base: 4.34" (110.23mm) Rake: 32 degrees

Center Fin: Height: 4.40"(111.75mm) Base:4.29"(109mm)