Josh Kerr XCS Lite (Sml.) Thruster (FCS compat.)

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Josh Kerr XCS Lite (Sml.) Thruster

The XCS LITE XS is the grommet dream. It's super fast, super responsive and super fun. Perfect to add a bit more speed, power and control to your turns.

They're also super smooth through transitions. The dimples don't just increase speed, they have great hold in bottom turns with mad release off the top. Suitable for the majority of conditions, with the new bright colors they look insane in and out of the water.

Areo Composite Construction: Nylon/Glass fiber ξ(FCS compatible)

Surfer Size: 45-64kg (99-143lb)

Base: 4.26" / 108mm

Height: 4.22" / 107mm
Area: 13.03"/ 8405mm
Sweep: 32.0 degrees
Foil: Inside Foil tech.