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KN95 Disposable Face Masks 5 Unit Pack

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Get this 5 pack of 4-layer protective KN95 masks. These high-quality masks are great at keeping out small droplets and particles. Suitable for PM2.5, these masks are excellent for providing more safety than typical daily use masks.
  • 4-Layer Protection -  Built with an advanced 4-layer filter for guaranteed support throughout the day
  • Breathable & Comfortable: Made with soft, comfortable materials that are easy to wear. Adjustable metal nose strip designed to provide a perfectly individualized and comfortable fit
  • Advanced 3D Shape: Unique and advanced 3D shape that contours to all areas of the face
  • FDA Registered Masks - Registration #3016645706

Masks are disposable and should be thrown out after single-use. Masks ship from US for speedy delivery. 

60 pieces in total.