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Lockdown Fun Game Box - Wet Head, Zing Pong, Blast Box, Laugh My Face Off


Combining 4 Zing Classics! Zing Game Box includes -

-Wet Head

Are you ready for a splash of fun? Fill the wet head with water, strap on, give it a spin and pull a pin, will you be the next wet head? This game is full of excitement and suspense because someone is bound to get wet! You can play with the spinner, ask each other trivia questions, or design your own wet head challenge game!

-Blast Box

Blast box is the exciting game with a bang for 2 - 4 more players, go to #blastboxchallenge. One set includes : 1 blast box , 1 hammer, 1 balloon inflator , 30 pins , 1 spinner, 100 balloons, 20 easy tie clips

-Zing Pong 

Zing Pong is a game in which players race to bounce "ping pong" balls into pockets on their respective side of a pyramid, and into the cup on top of the pyramid. This game combines dexterity and luck and will have each player filled with adrenaline as they race to beat their opponents and avoid drinking the gross mixture! 

-Laugh My Face Off

In this game, if you laugh, you lose! Try to make your friends laugh by telling jokes, doing impressions or acting out awkward situations…all while wearing ridiculous wigs or props! But it’s not just about being funny; you have to try NOT to laugh when your opponent is up! With 3 game modes to play, you and your friends will be howling with laughter for hours, even though you’re trying not to!