Stikbot 12 Units

by Stikbot
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Stikbot : 12 Units  

Colors Include - Clear Pink, clear white, clear orange, clear pink with sparkles, clear red, clear blue, clear dark green, clear light green, clear blue and red, metallic gold, metallic bronze, and metallic silver

Stikbots are packed is packed in a Green Tree Eco Friendly Package (GEF). The product quality is 100% the same as in the standard package but packed in a GEF instead. This helps reduce tons of packaging material and allows us to pass the saving on to you.

Stikbot turns kids into creative moviemakers. These easy-to-pose figurines with strong suction cup hands and feet can stick to almost any flat surface. With the free mobile app, Stikbot Studios, available on iOS and Android, kids can shoot their own stop- snaps individual photos and stitches them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options motion movies starring Stikbot. Everywhere becomes a stage -- the kitchen, the living room, the school bus, or anywhere around the world! Don't forget to upload and share the creation on social media with #Stikbot and see what creative talents are making all over the world! The package includes 12 Stikbots.

  • Stikbots are pose-able sticky bots who will adhere to almost any flat surface
  • Create your next video animation with stikbot and share to the world
  • It is an outlet for kids to play, learn , create and share