Zing Klikbot Megabot - Pack of Three

by GreenTree.Store
  • TRANSFORM YOUR FUN – Klikbot Megabots provide the ultimate versatility in toy action figures! Each character comes equipped with a machine that transforms into two different abilities! 
  • UNIQUE FORMS – All three of the characters accessories re unique to their own style! With two forms each, get a total of 6 special looks from your favorite Klikbots! 
  • COLLECTABLE – Klikbot Megabots are just one piece from the Klikbot line! Complete your set with original Klikbots, Klikbot villain packs, and the Klikbot Zanimation Studio! 
  • FOLLOW ALONG - With the Klikbot Galaxy Defenders series on Youtube! Check out the StikBot Central channel for more content following our heroes 
  • CREATIVE TOY - Use stop-motion animation techniques to make Klikbots the star of your own movies! Just download the StikBot Studios 2.0 app to get going on creating videos