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Zing Toys Air Storm Z-TEK Bow DUAL PACK Archery set


Bring the STORM with the Zing Toys AIR STORM Z-TEK Bow DUAL PACK Archery Set!  

The ultimate in safe outdoor family fun, the DUAL PACK includes two (red and blue) Z-TEK bows and 12 foam tip arrows (Zartz suction cup and 6 Zonic whistling bounce back tip) with an incredible range of up to 155 feet, easily outperforming other kids foam bow and arrow sets.   

The ultra-durable low-profile power cords are easy to pull back and the power grip works both right and left-handed, making the Z-TEK bow fun for kids and adultsQuick loading hook and loop engagement and arrow storage clips allow for rapid fire reloading... your target doesn’t stand a chance! 

Choose the Zartz suction-cup arrows for flat surfaces, the Zonic tip whistle arrows on cans and boxes, or build your own targets for stunt shooting backyard or neighborhood park fun! Soft foam tips and fins keep the arrows safe for light indoor use, too.  

The AIR STORM Z-TEK bow DUAL PACK is the perfect family toy for summer fun, on vacation, or at home!  

Additional arrows (and other great toys!) are available in various colors from the Zing Toys online store.