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Zombie Slayerz Z-Hunter Crossbow


Zombie Slayerz Z-Hunter Crossbow

The Zombies rise again. Can you keep mankind from going extinct? Join the Zombie Slayerz and save your neighborhood form the relentless zombie horde! Grab a Zombie Z-Hunterz Crossbow and target zombies from over 45 feet. Place arrow hooks through the crossbow loops and latch onto the pin. Release the safety and pull the trigger! 

Hunt zombies in your own backyard with the zombie Slayerz  Z-Hunter Crossbow! Including a zombie-scope for supreme accuracy, this crossbow blaster shoots suction cup arrows over 45 feet. A Zombie wall target is also included so you can practice your aim with this fun toy crossbow. One set includes 1 Zombie Z-Hunterz Crossbow, 3 suction cup arrows, 1 Zombie scope and 1 wall crossbow target. Designed for kids 8 years and up.

Crossbow Dimension : 20" x 19" x 4.8"
Crossbow Weight :11 oz